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The Little Mermaid & Mamma Toys Hua Hin

english flag The Little Mermaid is an iconic statue in Copenhagen (it has been since it was erected in 1913 and it brings people from all over the world to see it) because Hans Christian Andersen is a legendary Danish author of children’s stories. You know the guy that wrote “The Little Mermaid”! That name is like a siren song for Danes living and traveling in Thailand. It isn’t just Danes, though; it’s also renowned for its Scandinavian food history and Popular Scandinavian food.

The Little Mermaid is an often used name for Danish and Scandinavian restaurants – this custom has been around for more than 20 Years. Mogens started it up many years ago in Karon and Kata on Phuket with traditional Scandinavian food. Renè was one of the partners at Karon for over 15 years – first at The Little Mermaid Restaurant and later at The Little Mermaid Hotel.

After the hotel was closed down René moved to Chiang Mai and opened his own restaurant after some years. First as a Juice and Sandwich place but later the demand for classic Danish food and Scandinavian food recipes was high so we changed to the good old name.

During the Spring of 2017, we decided to move south – this time to Hua Hin. This is a popular destination for many Scandinavians and there is lots of Scandinavian food culture. We missed the breeze from the sea as well, even-though Chaing Mai was a fantastic experience.

We started up at the famed food court Baan Khun Poor at Soi 88  in the evenings and did some light popular dishes and easy Scandinavian recipes such as hotdogs, meatballs, open-face sandwiches, and burgers and introduced the trucker burger as well. After a couple of months, we found our place at soi 94 in which there is a  buzz of development with a great selection of cafés,  bars, and restaurants where The Little Mermaid now is to find as a favorite place for many occasions.

It’s no secret that ex-pats everywhere seek home comforts and a glance at reviews on Facebook and Google is an indication that this restaurant is working hard. It’s obvious from the reviews that it isn’t just catering to the Danish crowd with Danish food, it also serves local and international dishes, and with the owners being a Danish cook and his Thai wife they are well placed to provide the best of both worlds at a high standard with outstanding results.

Whether you’re looking for Pad Thai, Danish meatballs, Panini sandwiches, or other refreshments you are guaranteed to walk away with a smile on your face. The Little Mermaid’s menu is varied and there is plenty to choose from for everyone.

If you are on holiday in Thailand and crave a taste of home, or if you have moved to Thailand and you can’t stop thinking about a roast pork sandwich with red cabbage and cucumber salad – stop thinking about it and get moving! You can be assured that this will hit the spot. On top of the delicious food, you will receive top-quality service with friendly and efficient staff.

Located on 34/175 Soi 94, Petchkasem Road in Hua Hin. So if you’re in town don’t hesitate in stopping by to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, fantastic food, or maybe just a drink and gather a smile from our beloved staff.

Whatever you fancy, The Little Mermaid will be sure to satisfy your needs.

dkflag The little mermaid Hua Hin er er et nødsaget besøg hvis du er så heldig er være i Hua Hin. Det er den absolut første skandinaviske madbod på et thai mad market. Her er alt hvad hjertet begærer – En fantastisk udendørs atmosfære med ekseptionel mad som tilmed har levende musik hver aften.

Her er massere a forskellige specialiteter af mad fra over 50 forskellige boder, og NU også en udsøgt bod med de bedste Skandiviske specialiteter. Little Mermaid Hua Hin, ligger super centralt med kolde øl. Kom frisk og velmødt på hyggeligt besøg, og få en oplevelse du sent vil glemme. 🙂

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english flag The Little The Little Mermaid & Mamma Toys Hua Hin is a necessary visit if you are so lucky to be in Hua Hin. Here is everything that your heart desires – A fantastic outdoor atmosphere with exceptional food which also has live music every night. There are over 50 stalls with different kinds of foods, and NOW also with the best goodies from Scandinavia.

The Little Mermaid & Mamma Toys Hua Hin is located centrally with cold beers on tap. Come fresh and happy and gather an experience you will never forget. 🙂

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